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It’s Official Cleethorpes’ newest resident.
The long awaited unveiling of Dudley the Donkey statue took place at the Pier Gardens Cleethorpes
  Friday at 12.30 on 17th August. 2012
A fitting tribute to the memory of dear Gladys and the Donkeys.

Hand made by Sculptress Donnas Peterson in Grimsby Lincolnshire.

No seaside resort is complete without  a Traditional Donkey.



It was in the local papers

Last year see here


and here again last year


See the finished Statue here

It made the BBC News!

Also Calendar News

And apparently  broadcast on the local Lincolnshire Radio. But :( I missed it.

Photography Copyright Donnas Peterson 2012 do not copy
Copyright 2012 Donnas Peterson Dudley the Donkey Statue
Copyright Donnas Peterson 2012 Dudley the Donkey
Copyright Donnas Peterson 2012 Dudley the Donkey
Copyright Donnas Peterson 2012 Dudley the Donkey
Copyright Donnas Peterson 2012 Dudley the Donkey

Buster Nuttall and Dudley

Copyright Donnas Peterson 2012 Dudley the Donkey
Copyright Donnas Peterson 2012 Dudley the Donkey

A Special Thank  you
'Twas one of the best days of my professional career. To create an opportunity and see it become a reality has been a privilege for me. It  presented me with the challenge of using my skills as a sculptor and portrait artist, to fulfil a desire to create a 'life-size' sculpture of a donkey, in order to acknowledge the contribution the donkeys and the Nuttall family have made over the years to Cleethorpes as a resort.
'Dudley the Donkey' is the culmination of many weeks of preparatory study, and months of making and I believe and hope you will all agree, that I have captured the quiet, calm gentility that epitomizes the character of a donkey and that 'Dudley' is a testament to those qualities.

I have developed a fondness for him, it will certainly be difficult for a while, for me to resist the temptation to pop down there, stroke him and check whether he's happy in his new home.

I'm confident that it won't be too long before he has a multitude of new friends and admirers  both young and old. All I ask is just look after him please.


I'd like to thank everyone for giving up their time to attend the unveiling on Friday and sincerely apologise to those who did not get to know about it - I’m sure there would have been many more who would have loved to share this special day.

There are a few people who I owe grateful thanks to and they are of course:-

My family and friends who are always supportive when I get these crazy ideas.

My partner Jim and brother Malcolm for welding the skeleton framework.

Thank you Dave and Jane for the encouragement and endless hours of photography throughout the whole process.

My sister Anna and Ian for bringing our dear Dad who is 90 years old, and has recently suffered a stroke but thankfully is still here to share this special day.

Thank you to my friends Sylvia and Pete, and of course my sons Oliver and Spencer just because!

I'd also like to thank
Sally George - for allowing me to keep pestering her at the stables to take photographs of the donkeys
Brian Nixon - who kindly gave up his time to supply the Cad drawings and advise with the structural safety of the statue throughout.
Glen Gaiger and Nathon Blow of Fowler and Holdens Foundry - who supplied the cast iron plaque with wording free of charge.

Alan Fletcher and Paul Paton beach safety officer - and who organised every one involved in the council to get Dudley here.

Chris at Sign express for the information board.

Chris Wood of BCJ developments - and all his lads who transported Dudley to his new home here in Cleethorpes and who also worked hard on the foundations and groundwork for the siting of Dudley

Special thanks to ANGLIA ENGINEERING - who came to the rescue at such short notice to lend us a portable welder to use on site.

Thank you to Councillor Mick Burnett - and the council for allowing Dudley to take up residence in the most prominent spot in Cleethorpes.

And of course to the Mayor and Mayoress who took time out of theirduties to come and share this day too.


Lastly a Thank you to the real Dudley the donkey for posing and being well behaved throughout the day.


Please do not copy the images  without permission

Dream to Reality.
'Dudley' - the newest resident to Cleethorpes.

Please take care of him.

Dudley the Donkey is on Facebook

Postcards of Dudley at  Cleethorpes are available if you would be interested to stock them please contact.